Héméka Dress

The Héméka Dress is made with Woodin and linen fabrics.

Meezu Jacket

The Meezu Jacket is an Asian style jacket made with african fabrics.

Cavalli Dress

The Cavalli Dress mixes denim fabric with pure wax and linen. It’s light and fresh, ideal for a little walk around the lake…

Batik Linen Dress

This dress combines linen from different colors with vietnamese traditional batik.

Masaï dress

Made of linen and silk embroidery, its design is inspired by the Maasai ethnic group. The Masaï dress will accompany you to dinners, parties or casual occasions. It is classy but simple and available in diferent colors. The Masaï people live in the South-east region of Africa. They are known to be fearless warriors. Cousu…